A curated collection of Montessori and Waldorf materials in Switzerland

Montessori und Waldorf Spielzeuge in der Schweiz

Welcome to Fuch vom Tannenwald, a haven for mindful play and holistic development. Step into our world, where Montessori and Waldorf principles guide the selection of every toy, sparking joy in learning and fostering creativity.

Our curated collection is a celebration of open-ended play, encouraging children to explore, imagine, and discover at their own pace. From Montessori-inspired wooden toys that enhance fine motor skills to Waldorf dolls that inspire imaginative storytelling, each piece is thoughtfully chosen to engage young minds.

Embrace the simplicity and beauty of toys crafted from natural materials, designed to stimulate the senses and ignite a love for learning. Whether you're seeking educational materials, art supplies, or whimsical playthings, our shop is a sanctuary for parents and caregivers who believe in the power of purposeful play.